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Label Printing

At CBD Mico, we provide the complete solution for your CBD business. We’ll not only supply you with all-natural, organic CBD, we’ll also print your labels! Call now to request a quote!

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Let Us Print Your Labels and Have One Less Thing To Worry About

Running a CBD business is challenging enough without having to worry about where to get your labels printed. Let CBD Mico make your life easier and choose us to print all of your product labels. Contact us to learn more!


The Benefits of Choosing CBD Mico To Print Your Labels:

  • Simplify purchasing by working with fewer suppliers
  • We understand the CBD business and the needs of our customers
  • If we’re packaging your products, having us also print your labels streamlines the process
  • With many years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t
  • We want you to succeed and have your best interest in mind

Let Us Print the Labels For Your CBD Business and Have One Less Thing To Think About

Managing label inventory and placing orders can be a full time job. Working with multiple suppliers can complicate things even more. Save time and headaches by letting CBD Mico be your all-in-one business solution. We’ll not only supply you with premium quality CBD, but we can work with you to create and print your own customer-designed labels! Already have a design? No problem! Just send it to us and we’ll just do the printing.

Running a business is hard work, but when you partner with CBD Mico, you’ll have a few less things to worry about. Build a successful CBD business in no time with our team of experts helping you every step of the way. From packaging design and supply to providing you with the variety of top quality CBD products your customers are looking for, we’re committed to your success! Call now to get started!


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Manufacturing & Distribution

Founded in 2001, CBD Made in Colorado began by manufacturing products for a small smokeshops and dispenseries in Beverly Hills, California. After experiencing tremendous growth and success, we quickly expanded and soon emerged as a top private label manufacturer and packager of CBD products for a wide range of clients.


Brand & Product Development

We apply our expertise in science, extracting and brand building to fulfill the dreams, goals and expectations you have for your business at every step of the process – from the initial envisioning of your product line to helping you package it beautifully and promote it effectively.


Private Label CBD

We’re here to help you create the most extraordinary CBD brand you can imagine. Whether you’re looking to create high quality customized formulations from scratch or reproduce existing products, we have the expertise and capacity to take care of all aspects of the manufacturing process on your behalf.